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Welcome to the Electrasolar PV blog.Electrasolar are a Solar PV company based in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, UK. We design and fit Solar Photovoltaic systems to both domestic and commercial properties.This blog has just been created (July 2011) and it is our intention to keep you up to date of Solar PV news :

  • New developments in products and technology;
  • Related news about legislation and updates from the government in the Solar PV sector;
  • and news about our own business and our experiences installing and maintaining both domestic and commercial Solar Photovoltaic systems.

New government energy efficiency requirement for Solar PV installations

As of April 2012 the government requires that homes meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of “band D” to qualify for the full Solar PV Feed In Tariff. This means that your property must be well insulated and have economic … Continue reading

Solar PV installation deadline looms…

Our last date for Solar PV orders for installation in time to beat the next government update to the FiTs rates is 22nd February. Installations after this date will definitely only attract 21p/kWh, whereas orders placed before 22nd will possibly … Continue reading

Snow & Solar PV

You would have thought that snow would temporarily stop Solar Power production. However, with the roof angle and slippery surface of Solar PV panels, it doesn’t take long for the snow to slip off and the panels to start generating … Continue reading

Government loses appeal on Solar PV Feed in Tariffs

The government has lost its appeal against a High Court decision that it had acted illegally in cutting Solar PV FiTs prior to the formally agreed deadline of 1st April 2012. Solar PV tariffs are guaranteed to be a minimum … Continue reading

Solar PV FiTs stable… until April 2012

The DECC has released a statement that solar PV FiTs will remain at the base 21p level until 1st April 2012, thereby restoring some stability to the solar energy market after the uncertainty caused by their recent actions.

Solar PV Return on Investment

The government’s cutting of Solar PV Feed in Tariffs FiTs recently, has caused a drop in the prices of domestic solar panels. Passing those price drops on to customers means that you can look forward to a 10-13 year payback … Continue reading

UK Solar PV Capacity exceeds 500MW

Just recently the installed capacity of Solar Energy generation systems in the UK has exceeded half a gigawatt. This amounts to roughly 1% of total electricity demand; installing domestic solar PV is making a real difference to our CO2 production … Continue reading

Solar tariff cut plan ruled legally flawed

Recent cuts to the solar PV tariff announced by the government – ahead of the planned review date of 1st April 2012 – have been ruled legally flawed today. Where this leaves the Solar PV industry is uncertain, however, even … Continue reading

Friends of the Earth take legal action over change in FiTs

The charity Friends of the Earth are taking legal action against the government, saying that its recent cut in the Solar PV tariff for new installations ahead of the consultation they were undertaking on the matter is unlawful. Read the … Continue reading

Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) rate cut review

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) are currently reviewing the future rates of Feed in Tariff (FiTs) for new Solar PV installations. NB. This does not apply to existing installations. We have seen proposals – currently being consulted … Continue reading

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