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Welcome to the Electrasolar PV blog. Electrasolar are a Solar PV company based in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, UK. We design and fit Solar Photovoltaic systems to both domestic and commercial properties. This blog has just been created (July 2011) and it is our intention to keep you up to date of Solar PV news :

  • New developments in products and technology;
  • Related news about legislation and updates from the government in the Solar PV sector;
  • and news about our own business and our experiences installing and maintaining both domestic and commercial Solar Photovoltaic systems.

Solar PV popularity causes government to decrease Feed in Tariffs

With continuing increases in the popularity of Solar PV, the government has indicated that solar feed in tariffs for new installations will decline by 3.5% in April 2015…

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive announced

This month world’s first incentive scheme connected to the generation of renewable heat at domestic properties went live. For more details see the ofgem website: Basically this rewards people for using renewable sources for heating such including air source … Continue reading

Solar PV better than a pension annuity?

Greg Barker, Energy Minister, claimed that for many people Solar Panels might be better than investing the same money in a pension. With annuity rates at an historic low, and the cost of installing a solar PV system also dropping, … Continue reading

Solar PV FiT rates to drop by 3.5% in April 2014

Ofgem have confirmed that for new Solar PV installation from April 2014, there will be a drop in the Feed In Tariff. For a ‘typical’ domestic solar panel installation this means a 3.5% drop in income from Feed In Tariffs. … Continue reading

Electrasolar attain Mitsubishi accredited status for air source heat pumps

Electrasolar are pleased to have been approved by Mitsubishi for the installation of their air source heat pumps. As an accredited installer, offering Mitsubishi air source heat source pumps alongside our ground source heat pumps and Solar PV solutions allows … Continue reading

REAL Assurance changes its name

As part of the transfer of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to Trading Standards Institute (TSI), the REAL assurance scheme has been renamed to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, or RECC, and … Continue reading

Feed in Tariffs frozen until May 2013

The Solar PV Feed In Tariffs have been frozen by Ofgem until 1st May 2013, following disappointing new Solar PV installation numbers.   See the 1st February 2013 – 30 April 2013 Feed In Tariffs on the OFGEM website.  

Use Solar PV energy to save on water heating bills

We’re delighted to see a new product released onto the market that enables you to tap into unused solar PV generated by your solar panels to heat your hot water. The addition of a simple controller, and associated wiring, enables … Continue reading

New solar FiT rate announced for August 2012

New Solar FiT rates have been announced that come in force from the 1st of August 2012. Note after this time the government has said that they will decrease by 3.5% on a three-month basis, so now is a great … Continue reading

Solar PV FiTs will NOT be cut at the end of June

The government has listened to concerns raised by the environment and solar energy sectors and delayed plans to cut solar PV Feed in Tariffs at the end of June. This extends the window of opportunity for people to take advantage … Continue reading

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