Solar iBoost – FREE hot water!

Solar iBoost is an intelligent system that monitors the amount of electricity that you are generating from your Solar PV installation and diverts any excess to heat water in your existing hot water tank using your existing immersion heater coil.

Solar iBoost

On a sunny day it can supply all your hot water needs, but even on a cloudy one it can help give your boiler a head start by pre-warming the water.

If you receive solar Feed in Tariff payments these are you based on a typical energy use in the home of 50% of your generated electricity. In reality your usage could be far lower than this, particularly if you work during the day. To switch this in your favour the Solar iBoost uses all the excess – and only this excess – to reduce your gas bill. Think of it like using your hot water tank as a battery to store the excess solar energy!

Solar iBoost
Use the surplus energy from your Solar PV system to generate FREE hot water. Get in touch for more details.

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