New government energy efficiency requirement for Solar PV installations

As of April 2012 the government requires that homes meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of “band D” to qualify for the full Solar PV Feed In Tariff.

This means that your property must be well insulated and have economic heating and lighting. In reality over half the homes in the UK already meet this criteria, and most modern homes certainly do.

We fully support this measure, as it encourages the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Solar PV installation will help you reduce your emissions, but the government is asking that you take simple and cheap measures to reduce energy wastage before progressing to generating your own energy.

We can help you arrange an energy audit for your property and get the necessary certification to qualify for the full solar PV FiT. Get in touch for details.

Basically the whole point of Solar PV is to help reduce carbon emissions, for which you are rewarded by the government by ensuring that it is also a very sound investment.

Read more about Energy Efficiency and Solar PV.


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