New solar FiT rate announced for August 2012

New Solar FiT rates have been announced that come in force from the 1st of August 2012. Note after this time the government has said that they will decrease by 3.5% on a three-month basis, so now is a great time to take advantage of the currently still high FiTs.

The rate from 1st of August will be:


Band Standard
Lower tariff
(Energy efficiency not met)
4kW 16.0 7.1
4kW 16.0 7.1
>4-10kW 13.05 7.1
>10-50kW 12.15 7.1
>50-100kW 10.35 7.1
>100-150kW 10.35 7.1
>150-250kW 9.9 7.1
>250kW-5MW 7.1  n/a
stand-alone 7.1  n/a

To take advantage of the current higher rates with low installation cost, get in touch.


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